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Commissioned by the Woodford Folk Festival, Viktor the Giant is taking form and life in the hands of Daniele helped by volunteers from the local community and the Queensland University of Technology. The puppet Viktor and the devising of the roving shows are beong developed in two stages.

The first one, completed by early October, involved the design of the puppet, its story and the beginning of construction.

In stage two we’ll start rehearsals to bring the giant to life and devise the roving shows. In this stage Viktor’s companion will be created, a winged creature that will accompany Viktor on his errands.

Viktor’s debut will be at the Opening Ceremony on December 27th. Roving performances will follow throughout the Festival and he will finally feature in the Fire Event Closing Ceremony on Jan 1st 2016!

Fire Event Director: Alex Podger
Producer: Kate McDonald
Assistant Producer: Kylie Southwell
Designer/ Maker/ Character Development & Director: Daniele Poidomani
Puppet’s Mobile Trolley: G&V Studio
Makers:  Alice Gittins, Blake Hight, Bruce Bannerman, Darryl Bitmead, Denise Alexander, Leah Koll, Piers Langford, Sulata Godden, Tess Millerick

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