viktor: the making MEMETICA WORKSHOPS

Elders of Katumayan

林暐翔 (Webber) – 陳柔潣 (Heidi) – Doria – 劉鳳婷 (Tori) – 朱晉德 (Ander) – 簡君珊 (Sandy) – Shawma – WeiLing Special Thanks 歐俊良 (Jim) – 阿信 (A-hsin) –  雅蘭 (Yala) The Elders of Katumayan have been created in the amazing mountains overlooking the Pacific ocean in Taitung County, Taiwan.  Commissioned by the 2018 Taitung East Coast Land…

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The making of IMAGINARIA Terra Maraviglia

The Terra Meraviglia show and puppets were realized in Pistoia (Italy) for the IMAGINARIA festival. Seven volunteers created Terra Maraviglia and her entourage using only locally sourced materials . The show was performed  daily and in the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Festival.

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The making of Student Dan and Teddy

This workshop was realized in Macau for the Collegio Diocesano de Sao Jose. Twelve students worked with Daniele for 6 days to realise a giant colleague student and his giant Teddy Bear  (The CDSJ schools are from kindergarden to highschool)

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The making of The Monsters

The Monsters  workshop has been realised with by a partnership between Queensland University of Technology and Woodford Folk Festival. Daniele facilitated the making of the monsters with a group of 12 QUT students over 2 weeks. The puppets appeared in the subsequent editions of the Woodford Folk Festival for three consecutive years. Watch images of performances…

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