First sighted in the streets of Woodfordia during the Folk Festival of 2016, Astrid and Naut had both left their homes because their diversity had make it hard for them to fit in and were now frantically looking for each other.
Astrid had left North town years earlier and was now on her way back home. Through her travels she understood that people loved or feared her regardless of where she went. She so decided to go back to her own people, where her own diversity could in fact enrich the community.
Naut on the other had just run away from South. Knowledgeable in the ways of the skies he was alerted by the stars of an unknown incoming catastrophe. His warnings to convince his townsfolks to evacuate fell on deaf and now, distraught and resigned to the scorn and indifference his diversity has always brought onto him, he’s decided to run for his life and persuade his beloved Astrid to not come back but turn around and flee the looming disaster.

Designed and build by Daniele Poidomani, Astrid & Naut were commissioned by Woodford Folk Festival 2016 for the Closing Ceremonies and for Memetica’s nightly street shows.

Operated by a team of over 20 people the two giants roamed the streets of the festival looking for one another and leaving writings on the walls in their attempts to communicate. Eventually they’ve starred in the Fire Event show “What we Learned from the Stars” in a tale of redemption, humanitarian help and inclusiveness.