Broono (The Bears Project)

Looking for partners for Broono (Bear Project) Memetica is currently inviting expressions of interest from producing partners for Broono, a conservational project focusing on bears. We are very excited to continue our research and development for the project, which envisages taking awareness of the environmental plight of bears and the argument for the preservation of their […]

Giant Puppet Making and Performing Masterclass

Giant Puppet Making and Performing Masterclass  Creating a giant puppet is a melange of skills and disciplines resulting in larger-than-life creations which tickle the imagination and evoke awe and joy. In this 7-day intensive, you will work alongside this master artist on multiple aspects of giant puppet building including character and story creation, design, construction, […]

The Elders at The Planting

The Elders at The Planting Daniele is currently at Woodfordia remounting The Elders, an assembly of twelve giant puppets who have become part of the local folklore at Woodford Folk Festival since 2013. Repositories of cultural and philosophical knowledge The Elders will be visiting The Planting Festival and attending The Planting festival’s main ceremonies.