Elders of Katumayan

林暐翔 (Webber) – 陳柔潣 (Heidi) – Doria – 劉鳳婷 (Tori) – 朱晉德 (Ander) – 簡君珊 (Sandy) – Shawma – WeiLing
Special Thanks
歐俊良 (Jim) – 阿信 (A-hsin) –  雅蘭 (Yala)

The Elders of Katumayan have been created in the amazing mountains overlooking the Pacific ocean in Taitung County, Taiwan.  Commissioned by the 2018 Taitung East Coast Land and Art Festival the giants were created with help of volunteers over a two and half week workshop. The workshop was hosted by the Kakeng performing group at the Amis Folk Centre of Douli.


23°01’08.3″N – 121°19’27.9″E