Student Dan was excited for his first day back at school. His trusty teddy bear didn’t want to miss out so he snuck along for the journey.The first day at school or even kindergarten can be daunting for both children and parents. Inspired by the feelings and emotions of ‘first day’, the students of Colegio Diocesano de San Jose (CDSJ) in Macau decided that for their five-day giant puppet-making workshop they would create a student and a teddy bear.

The appearance of Dan and Teddy at the CDSJ opening day festivities was a surprising and delightful highpoint for the hundreds of students, parents and teachers attending, providing an opportunity for all to embrace their inner child at the wonder of this spectacle.Following the great success of their first performance, Dan and Teddy were invited to be in the Macau International Parade and have attended many other public events since then, often accompanying their fellow students wherever they are invited for big celebrations.