Lord Ganesh


In one of his many avatars Lord Ganesh has honoured Australia with visits to various festivals around the country, and has even been seen dancing the night away at concerts by The Bombay Royale!

This particular performance spectacle was created through a local government community development project specifically targeted at international tertiary students living and studying in the area, with the aim of creating a performance for the Darebin Council Festival of Light 2011.

Based on my own personal interest in cultural archetypes and polytheistic religion, I proposed to theme the project around creatures of the heavens. This subject matter allowed freedom of input from any culture and engendered an interesting mix beyond polytheism itself, where participating students from the community could propose and create deities to accompany Lord Ganesh in his event appearances.

So it is that an odd mob of the Archangel Gabriel, the Minotaur, and Kitsune the infamous Japanese fox-spirit came alive and joined Ganesh and his loyal friend Moomoshka the rat in their exploration of the city of Darebin, from the Preston market to the Kite Festival and the Festival of Light inspired by the Indian festival of Diwali.




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