Victor the Caretaker of Woodfordia

Summoned to play a role for the Woodford Folk Festival’s closing ceremony show, Victor the giant went to Woodfordia and ended up landing a job as the caretaker of the land.
That’s a 500 years contract!
Victor is the current caretaker of Woodfordia. Keen gardener and general jack-of-all-trades, he is a earnest and diligent young giant who has now moved to the area. Whether inspecting the impact of the festival lights and noises on all the creatures and plants of the village or ensuring the festival stalls’ rooves and pathways are safe for all creatures, at six metres tall, Viktor treads carefully through the streets of Woodfordia, always mindful of his role in the community. Victor also enjoys taking part in village life and locals still speak of his moving performance of ‘Viktor the old man’ in the 2016 New Year celebrations.

Daniele directed a group of 15 volunteers over two weeks to operate the puppet for the rehearsal of the roving shows as well as for the festival’s opening ceremony and the closing ceremony show “The Last Leaf”.

Produced by Woodford Folk Festival and created by Daniele the giant Victor took 8 weeks to design and build. A group of 8 volunteers sourced from the local community contributed with one week of work each helping with the construction of the puppet.



Excerpt from Fire Event Ceremony – Woodford Folk Festival 2016

Watch the full show The Last Leaf