Square panels' assembly
Lantern made by assembling 3 square panels
Square panel frame
Four bamboo slats are joined together to create a rectangular frame. String is better than masking tape for this type of structure.
Examples of cylindrical lanterns
The following slides will show how to make the frame for these type of lanterns.
Cylindrical frame
Tools and Materials
All materials and tool needed for the making: PVA glue, bamboo slats, masking tape, plastic string, scissors, secateur, tape measure, marker, brush, toilet paper core, tissue paper, baking paper
1) First ring
Make one ring of any size.
2) Second ring
Create a second ring of the same size/circumference as the first ring
3) Vertical bars
Create 3 thin bars of the same lenght. The length should not exceed 29cm. Split the bamboo slat in two to achieve the optimal width for the bars.
4) Locate the position for the vertical bars on the ring
Measure the full circumference of the ring, divide the length by 3, and mark the ring 3 times at equal intervals
5) The ring is marked
The three marks will indicate the optimal position to attach the vertical bars
6) Measure and attach vertical bars against first ring
The vertical bar should be attached to the ring with a couple of millimmiters
7) Ring with 3 vertical bars attached
Attach all the three bars on the first ring before attaching the second ring
8) Position the frame with the ring at the base
9) Slide the second ring along the bars
The bars are inside the rings
10) The second ring is sitting on top of the second
This position will help finding the right spot to attach the bars on the second ring
11) Mark the second ring
Mark the ring where it meets the bars
12) Join the second ring to the structure
Attach the vertical bars to the marked spots on the second ring
13) Create base for the candle holder
Use string to create a base to attach the candle holder to
14) Create hanging string
Tie 3 strings at the top of the frame and join them to create the hanging support
15) Add candle holder to the structure
Use masking tape to stick cardboard's candle holder to the string at the base.
16) Prepare shade support
Measure and cut baking paper to the length of the circumference + 2 cm