Fund Works

Memetica’s Support materials for the redevelopment of Air Camp

:: Air Camp (video clip)
Air Camp is a project Memetica undertook with ArtPlay in 2019 through its New Ideas Lab program.  The program is aimed at artists engaging creatively with children through the process of creating new work for children.  

:: Flyer for the exhibition’s visitors
Upon entering the exhibition visitors will find  a series of of camping tents with lit up sculptures growing out of them. Each sculpture is a recognizable figure or drawing and visitors are invited to inquire about them buy asking … the tent.
The child inside the tent, hidden from the audience view, speaks through a micropone and engage the audience about the sculpture or drawings they made and why the choose such topic and thing it important for people to consider.

:: Interview with Daniele Poidomani about the experience of creating Air Camp

artplay-interview-daniele-poidomani (pdf 129kb)

Other Memetica's work related to children and inflatable artwork

:: The Reeflings (inflatables  creations made with salvaged tents)
Arrival: The Reeflings was an immersive/participatory performance artwork presented in partnership with The Abbotsford Convent in January 2021. The project represented an extension of Memetica’s practice with inflatable sculpture and puppetry, with the inflatables in this instance being animated characters (The Reeflings) operated by performers.