Bowery Theatre Residency

Memetica’s support materials :: Bowery Theatre’s residency application

The Reeflings Characters

:: The Reeflings 
The Reeflings are a mutant species spawned from oceans’ reefs around the world. Some Reeflings are newcomers to the land, while others are born here to continue their legacy in the face of the destruction of the  reefs’ demise. The Reeflings are optimistic new inhabitants: whether born without a home or having fled their places of origin, they seek a place to settle down, create new communities, and live in peace with other living beings. They tell a story of escape,  survival,  along with arrival, transformation, joy, hope, and adaptation to new environments.

:: Reeflings ‘ eggs installation, self luminescent reeflings, and reeflings at a festival (performed by school kids after  1 hour training workshop) 
TheReeflings have a strong visual impact whether in day light or lit-up from inside in a blacked out environment. Two ofthe above pictures show some reeflings’ eggs. They were installed around the performance location in the days preceeding the show to create a pre-show story and expectation of the misterious creature apearing around the area.
The Reeflings are inflatables  puppet characters made with abandoned camping tents collected in the aftermath of big music festivals. There are currently 10 and there will be many more by October 2023

Other Memetica's project with and for children with inflatable artwork

:: Air Camp (video clip)
Air Camp is a project Memetica undertook with ArtPlay in 2019 through its New Ideas Lab program.  The program is aimed at artists engaging creatively with children through the process of creating new work for children.  

Memetica working with Community

:: Deadly Totems
Deadly Totems was a community project Memetica did with the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association of Hastings, on the Mornington peninsula in 2022.
Daniele engaged with all community’s group programs (Men, Women, and Kids) with simple art making activities over six weeks to get to know the environment and understand the potential for the collaboration for a more involving art project. After agreeing on a further collaboration, Memetica raised funds through the RISE  funds and created the project Deadly Totem. A collective effort to create a performance with an original story and four new puppet characters , the Deadly Totems.

Cultural intervention for social change

:: The Naming, with Janggaburru
For the 2019 edition of the Tablelands Folk festival, Memetica collaborated with local Dulgubarra Yidinji Elders Uncle Laurie Padmore and Aunty Syb Breslyn to create a performance aimed at increasing acknowledgment and awareness of local First Nations culture in the town of Yungaburra and in the region.
With the Naming intervention, Janggaburru installed new street signage in Indigenous language in town along the existing English. He thus presented the Dulgubarra Ydinji’s language to the wider community. Also, new signage indicating direction to culturally significant historical and geographical locations ignored by the available signage was added. In the council meeting following the festival a motion to create permanent signage in Dulgubarra Yidinj language was brought forward by some of the local councillors.