:: A Memetica project with the Willum Warrain Community

 September 10 2022 has seen the completion of the deadly Totem project. A project run by Memetica in collaboration with the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association funded by the government RISE funds program.

 Revolving around the four totems chosen by the community Elders for the youth of their community, the project endeavored to create a story featuring four giant puppet characters inspired by the local Blue Toungue Lizard, the Pobblebok Frog, the Kookaburra , and the Ringtail Possum.

Lead by Daniele Poidomani, the Willum Warrain community joined Memetica’s team to create the show Yana Daadigan. Without any previous experience in performing or making the community came together and delivered a funny and beautiful looking performance at the Willum Warrain gathering place for the wider community to enjoy. 

The four Deadly Totem created by artist Sammy Tirst for the community’s Deadly Kids Program

- 38° 18' 43.9"N - 145° 10' 51.3"E