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Memetica's work in Queensland

Fire Event Ceremony at Woodford Folk Festival 2013-19

The Monsters
Victor the Caretaker

:: Fire Events and Roving Characters
Since the first appearance of The Monsters in 2013, Memetica’s characters have featured in the Fire Event Ceremony of the Woodford Folk Festival with the heart-warming Victor the Caretaker still being one of the festival audience’s favourites ever. During the festival’s week, Memetica’s characters perform in the streets delight the crowd with their original narratives and make them partake and invest in the fantasy prequel of the story that will eventually apex in the Fire Event’s closing show.

:: Roving and Community Performance Workshops

:: The Woodfordia Elders :: Woodford Folk Festival :: The Planting Festival :: 2015-2019
A most loved feature of the Woodford Folk Festival and the Planting Festival since 2014, The Woodfordia Elders are recorded in this video while welcoming the patrons to the festival and giving a hand to the tickets and registration staff.
Representing elders of all cultures and peoples the  Woodfordia Elders preside to all festival solemn ceremonies as well as enjoy themselves attending shows, watching music gigs, and joining in with patrons having fun in the streets.
Every festival Daniele directs a volunteer crew of up to 25 people and the 12 giants for over the 2 weeks leading up to the festival’s opening. The original script of the performance evolves throughout the festival with the contributions of the volunteering performers as they develop their own interpretation of the characters’ personalities and become more familiar with street theatre techniques.The awesome soundtrack to this video is kindly provided by Sludge Party.

Tablelands Folk Festival

:: The Naming with Janggaburru
The Naming is a project conceived by Daniele Poidomani in collaboration and consultation with Ydinji Dulgubarra Elder Uncle Laurie Padmore for the Tablelands Folk Festival 2019. Honoring the International Year of Native Languages, Memetica worked with local community members to create and install street signage written in Ydinji language. Some of those signs translated existing ones while others were new and indicated directions to culturally relevant sites and historical places. The giant character Jungabuuru performed along the theme and contributed to maximise the exposure of the project by attracting wide public attention with his size and witty attitude. The Naming demonstrates Memetica’s interest in and focus on language and cultural sharing, as well as Memetica’s practice of involving communities in the making and delivery of impactful performances and artwork.


Taitung East Coast Art and Land Festival 2018

:: The Elders of Katumayan
Created in collaboration with the Gageng Performing Group of the Amis indigenous people of Taiwan. Over a four week collaboration, Daniele and participants created three giants representing fictional Amis Elders. Along with  their day to day clothes the three Elders have ceremonial traditional dress they worn for the Opening Ceremony of the Taitung East Coast Lands and Art festival and for the Indigenous Gathering Festival held annually at the Amis Centre in Douli.
The three Elders of Katumayan, named after the location they were born in, live now with the Gageng group and have continued to preside at all local community gatherings sine 2018.

Should a wider insight into Memetica’s range of inclusive projects and diverse community engagement be required, please check the following projects on this website:  Air Camp, Street Skeeters, Tendon.