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:: Example of Memetica’s inflatable artwork ::

:: Lac Long Quan

:: Dragon installation at Falls Festival 2013

:: The Blue Dragon
Commissioned by The Falls Festival in 2013, “The Blue Dragon” is a large-scale installation created by Daniele. The photos showcase their skill in crafting realistic and complex curves in the dragon’s body. These details will be incorporated into the creation of the Sneiks, allowing the sculptures to realistically wind around the architectural features of the installation locale, ideally STACC’s foyer. Workshop participants will be amazed by the complexity of their creations, achieved with ease and playful creativity.

:: Tendon

:: The Reeflings

:: The Reeflings
The Reeflings emerge as a mutated species, originating from reefs across the world’s oceans. Among them are those who are newly acquainted with land, while others are born here, carrying on their legacy in the wake of the reefs’ decline. These resilient creatures embody optimism as they navigate a life devoid of a familiar home or seek refuge from their original habitats. Their ultimate quest is to find a place to call home, establish thriving communities, and coexist harmoniously with other living organisms. Their narrative weaves a tale of escape, survival, arrival, transformation, joy, hope, and the remarkable ability to adapt to new environments.

:: Air Camp

:: Example of Memetica’s Workshops with Communities ::

:: SCRAPS – Art Making with a Sprinkle of Culture
Scraps is a playful take on art-making workshops with a sprinkle of language trimmings on top.
You will create mesmerizing puppet costumes, with a little cultural twist…
Participants to Scraps will create inflatable costume puppets from salvaged materials.
The unique twist: they do so under the guidance of mother tongue Italian (and English) speaking artists and facilitators, who will mostly use Italian instruction only! Are you game?

Memetica has extensive and international expertise in delivering captivating roving shows featuring giant puppets, designed to entertain and astonish audiences of diverse cultures. It also specializes in community-based workshops, offering immersive experiences for all generations or specifically tailored for children, that foster their creative and performative abilities.

The impact of the Memetica’s experience extends beyond the public presentation of the artwork created during the workshops, leaving a lasting social and cultural resonance within the community.

Embracing the natural flow of the memetic process of culture, which involves replication, inheritance, and variation, Memetica’s process relies on the belief that everyone possesses the ability to create original works of art. Artistic languages serve as a medium for people of all ages to effortlessly express their thoughts, emotions, and convey their messages to the wider world. Whether rooted in traditions, personal experiences, or imaginative fictions, artistic expression enables captivating storytelling.

Memetica’s projects actively promote and encourage spontaneity, even among those unfamiliar with art production, as guided intention surpasses the need for prior experience. Through this approach, the ordinary can be transformed into evocative and impactful artwork.