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Back-To-Front Creature: Pilot project


Back-To-Front Creatures – (concept sketch and artist’s impression)
Pilot project – Letters of Support and confirmation of collaboration
Existing artwork



Back-To-Front Creature (concept sketch and artist’s impression)

:: Back-To-Front Creature #1, Horseshoe Concrete – Inspiration source
Back To Front invites local residents to stroll about their neighborhood and find visual inspiration for the creation of fantastic creatures. The one in the photo is an example of urban architecture that will be transformed into a creature resembling real-life so-called ‘living fossil’ creatures of our waters.



:: Back-To-Front Creature #1, Horseshoe Concrete – Artist’s impression of an inflatable giant puppet
The Horseshoe Concrete is an inflatable puppet lantern. It will illuminate and stroll along the streets (it will lay on caster wheels used for vases). It has a big visual impact and yet it is light-weight and easy to store in people’s homes when deflated.





::Tendon – external and internal
Tendon is an example of a large scale inflatable installation. Tendon can be visited from the inside offering a surprising vibrant kaleidoscopic vision of colour unexpected from the outside. Tendon demonstrates the engaging aesthetics that can be achieved with inflatable installations. Scraps sculptures, while large, will be smaller than Tendon and self-contained, rather than designed around an existing structure.



::Appendicitus – external and internal
Appendicitus was a project created in 2015 with the Village Festival in North Fitzroy Edinburgh Gardens, and demonstrates Memetica’s history of practice with large scale inflatable structures and participatory installation: the protruding appendix shapes were created by audience members. Facilitated by Daniele, visitors designed and created new shapes that were immediately added to the main body of the sculpture providing a constant, cumulative growth of the installation made by the audience themselves.


:: Air Camp – exhibition at ArtPlay, Melbourne 2019
The Air Camp’s outcome exhibition was a series of interconnected inflated tents, each of which was designed by a child to showcase an issue they were passionate about. The same child would then occupy the tent during the exhibition, speaking from within to visitors just outside their little world about their passions. Air Camp is an example of Daniele Poidomani’s projects engaging with children and their families for the making of inflatable artwork inspired and designed by them.
Air Camp is one of many workshops for which Memetica currently needs to hire sewing machines, significantly increasing the cost for the company and presenters alike.



:: The Naming
The Naming was a project conceived by Daniele Poidomani for The Tablelands Folk Festival 2019. In collaboration and consultation with local indigenous elders, Memetica intervened on the territory to promote local indigenous culture at the Festival. Honoring the International Year of Native Languages, Memetica worked with local community members to create and install street signage written in Ydinji language and referring to culturally relevant sites and historical places. It also created a giant character to perform around the theme and attract attention to the project.



:: For Want of a Better Word, Maribyrnong 2020
For Want of a Better Word is a new project being delivered wholly online during May and June 2020.  The project reflects on language and the unique and poignant words that exist across cultures. The project, being developed with Daniele’s local Maribyrnong community, is evidence of Memetica’s increasing focus on both local community art projects and linguistic explorations.(


Back-to-Front – Support Letters

Abbotsford Convent Letter of Support

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Community member’s Letter of Support and evidence of commitment for participation

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