The Reeflings Characters

:: The Reeflings 
The Reeflings emerge as a mutated species, originating from reefs across the world’s oceans. Among them are those who are newly acquainted with land, while others are born here, carrying on their legacy in the wake of the reefs’ decline. These resilient creatures embody optimism as they navigate a life devoid of a familiar home or seek refuge from their original habitats. Their ultimate quest is to find a place to call home, establish thriving communities, and coexist harmoniously with other living organisms. Their narrative weaves a tale of escape, survival, arrival, transformation, joy, hope, and the remarkable ability to adapt to new environments.

:: Reeflings ‘ eggs installation, self luminescent reeflings, and reeflings at a festival (performed by school kids after  1 hour training workshop) 
The Reeflings create a captivating visual experience, whether viewed during daylight or illuminated from within in a darkened environment. Two of the images above depict the eggs of these fascinating creatures. These installations were strategically placed around the performance venue in the days leading up to the show, adding to the anticipation and intrigue surrounding the appearance of these enigmatic beings in the area.