The Reeflings

‘The Reeflings’ are an evolved species of pioneering coral born on land to continue their legacy in the face of our reef’s destructions. The Reeflings are optimistic pioneers: brought into the world without a home, they are seeking a place to settle down and live peacefully. They tell a story of escape, arrival, survival, transformation and adaptation to new environments.


The first documented presence of the Reeflings come from the Abbottsford Convent in Melbourne, where they have been sighted in January 2021. After tourists to the area reported the sighting of “fish-like” giant eggs in December 2020, marine scientist went to the Convent to do some field research. Since then, some of creatures have been seen roaming the Convents’ grounds exploring the environment; others have been observed stuck to the walls but come alive to feel their surroundings and interact with visitors.

As adaptable survivors, Reeflings observe local flora and fauna, mimicking the behaviour of visitors in a constant effort to adjust and survive. In turn, they find themselves observed by scientists.