Wild Birds

Cassowaries, the most feared wild beasts of Australia are now among us! Reported as more a dangerous than spiders and sharks, these ancient royalties of the bird world demand respect and inspire admiration.  And yet there is one you can touch and play with…. if you dare!
The giant Cassowary and its friend/foe the Bush Turkey freely roam the streets of festivals and towns spreading the reach of wilderness in the most unlikely of environments, and nobody can predict how they will adjust!
:: The Bush Turkey and The Cassowary
Unlikely friends when in the wild, those two birds have been known to become accomplice when faced with freely roaming  human crowds! Seen in this picture policing the entrance to the Wynnum Fringe to give the patrons a sense of what to expect once they go through that gate!
::  The Cassowary first sighting
The giant Cassowary was first sighted in May 2022 at the Marreeba market. It surprised stall holders and market-goers by his unexpected docility… which only lasted until children became too noisy around him!
::  The Bush Turkey
As proved by the above videos,  the larger than life Bush Turkey seems now well adapted to life among humans. Caught roaming at the Richmond Market in urban Melbourne and months later in Wynnum, QLD it is unclear how it managed to travel that far. Yet it is clear it has a liking for popcorn and dead fish. Be aware in case you find it near you while you’re snacking on one or the other!
The bottom video in an excerpt from the Channel 7 Sunrise show on the Wynnum Fringe. A festival Memetica loved and looks forward to be back at in 2024! Check the full show here to find out more about the festival.


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